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When it comes to deciding where our next holidays are going to be, it’s never an easy decision. It’s hard to meet everyone’s needs but here are some of the reasons why Malta should be considered seriously…in my opinion:-))


The Maltese islands are blessed with around 350 days of sunshine every year. If you plan to come to Malta between April and October, most probably you won’t see any rain


This makes it easier to fill up your afternoons once ready from diving. Mdina was founded by the Phoenicians 700BC and has some unique architecture in Malta, Valletta is a UNESCO world heritage site, the Hypogeum dates back to 4000BC and Hagar Qim is a Megalithic Temple complex.

valletta maltaMdina - Gate


Maltese people are known to be very friendly and they will do their best to make your holidays in Malta unforgettable. You will never be hassled to enter any shops to buy something (like Egypt) but most probably they will help you with directions if you ask for something. English is spoken by everyone, Italian is very common and Spanish is Bezz Diving’s second language!


You decide your budget for accommodation and Malta will definetly have something good for you. Around Bezz Diving you can find 5*, 4* and 3* hotels together with self-catering apartments, with a sea view most of the times! Prices can start from €15 per person each night when sharing an apartment and go up a bit more for the hotels. Check out and to find the best deals in MELLIEHA

Beaches and sunsets

After your morning dives you can choose to rest on the beach in the afternoon, have a couple of beers and then watch sunset. The best beaches are all very close to Bezz Diving…Mellieha Bay is 2 minutes walk away from the dive centre, Paradise Bay is a 5 minute drive away and my favourite is Riviera Bay; around 10 minutes drive.

paradise bay malta ghajn tuffieha bay malta

Ease of moving around

Malta is 33km long from north to south, thus you never spend more than 50 minutes maximum to move around. You will not be spending your holidays in a bus or car. Renting a car is something we highly recommend you to do to see the island properly and we will also give you a map to know which places to visit


Maltese food is as Meditteranean as it can get. Bakeries can be found in every village and for lunch nothing beats some fresh Maltese ftira with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives, capers, fresh tomatoes and some salt and pepper. Fish, pasta and pizza are also part of the Maltese diet and if you want to eat out, at Bezz Diving we can recommend you various good restaurants according to your wishes.

You can fly to Malta from anywhere in Europe low-cost.

Our national airline AirMalta often has offers to get your diving equipment with you for free, Ryanair, Easyjet,Vueling and many others fly to Malta nowadays:-)

Malta is not 1 but 3 islands

Gozo and Comino are also part of the Maltese islands and they both have their unique character which attracts many tourists. Comino is good to visit for a day with the Blue Lagoon being its main attraction and Gozo has its charm coming from the slow pace of life and less built up than Malta.

azue window gozo comino


Well we left it to the end but most probably this is what interests you most. Malta is ideal for all kind of divers. Whether you are a beginner and want to get your Open water certification or you are an experienced diver looking for some wreck dives at 40m, Malta has it all for you. We have dive sites all over the 3 islands and whichever way the wind is blowing, we will always find a sheltered place to dive. Worst case scenario: we get very strong North-west winds….we just drive 30 mins to get to the south of Malta or Gozo and there the sea will be flat!

So this is just an idea of what Malta has to offer to make your holidays ones to remember this year. This is also why many divers choose to come back almost every year: Malta is fun, safe and unique. If you are a certified diver we recommend you to visit this page: Guided Diving in Malta to choose your diving programme and beginners can choose their course from this page: Scuba Diving courses in Malta

See you soon in Malta!