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The first week of May brought some cloudless skies, warmer temperatures, less wind and great diving conditions in Malta. At Bezz Diving we had to great pleasure to host two great journalists from Czech Republic, Ohm and Michela, who are doing a write up about diving in Malta in their diving magazine. Our mission was to cover the best recreational wreck diving in Malta in 3 days.

Um el Faroud propellorMaltaMalta

On the first day, we went to the Um el Faroud and had two great dives. In the first dive we explored the bow section and on our second dive, we could explore and take lots of photos of the propeller and the stern section of the wreck. Could be considered an easy day!!!


Day 2: Nitrox 28% fills ready, luzzu waiting for us in the morning to take us to the Imperial Eagle, calm seas and we were the only divers on the wreck and the statue of Christ. Photo paradise for both Ohm and Michi, and myself on a Monday morning, couldn’t have it easier either.


Dive 2: at 10am we felt like having a dive on a WWII plane and on the luzzu, we headed down to the Bristol Beaufighter. Another deep wreck dive in Malta to 35m on Nitrox, good visibility and the days just gets better.

_5040176 _5040202

By 1400 we were back at the dive centre but Ohm and Michi hadn’t had enough so we filled up a nice 32% EAN  to head out for a wreck dive on the Rozi in the afternoon. This was what I call a good day of wreck diving in Malta. And for those of you that love deeper wreck dives, the diving in Malta is your dream:-)

_5050331 _5050333

So Day 3: we get the 815 ferry to go to Gozo and visit the wrecks at Xatt l-Ahmar. My son Sebastian and my father joined us too, 3 generations of Bezzinas! Our first dive was on the Karwela wreck and after a good surface interval we did our second wreck dive in Gozo on the Cominoland wreck. Once again almost the only divers on the wrecks and it was a playground for us to explore.


During our safety stop, having some time to kill, I was caught by a photographer having a deco-beer. It was so hot outside, couldn’t resist that temptation of a nice cold beer at the end of the dive:-) And BLANK was still on my mind:-)

By 1400 we were back at the dive centre in Mellieha and to finish off these 3 days in style, we filled up another Nitrox to dive on the P-29 wreck in Cirkewwa.

_5050393 _5050419

I’m looking forward to read this article about the diving in Malta coming out on Buddy Potapeni soon. And of course I would like to thank lots Thomas for sharing these amazing photos with us and allowing us post them on this blog about diving in Malta.

So we are still mid-week and another group arrives from Propan Diving Club in Lithuania. First time for us to host a Lithuanian diving group and we must admit that it was great having them around us. Some more great dives were planned this week with them and after diving on the Rozi and P-29 in the first day, Diego guided them to the Blue Hole and the Inland Sea the next day.


These days of diving in Gozo are enjoyed by everyone but sometimes it gets even better when the next day you head for 2 dives in Comino and in between dives you can rest at an almost empty Blue Lagoon.


So many times we are reminded what a great job we can share with you. Diving in Malta might not consist of a lot of marine life like in tropical waters but the visibility, caves and wrecks in Malta, make scuba diving a popular activity in Malta.


On Friday we also finished 2 PADI Open water courses with William and Mariana and this photo of them showing off great buoyancy on just their 4th open water dive, makes us proud that we are sharing good diving education with you. One more day for the group from Propan and to finish off their SSI Advanced Adventurer course, we took them to the Um el Faroud. Big smiles, group sharing a dance underwater Lithuanian style and more happy divers.


Time to say goodbye to many new friends today but a new group from the Les Atlantes diving club arrives. We are ready for another massive week of diving in Malta and the high season is fast approaching. This summer we are offering more Deep, Wreck and Nitrox Specialities so we can take you to less visited wrecks in Malta and enjoy a great time together. We love diving deep, we love teaching people how to dive and we look forward to have you diving in Malta with us very soon:-)))))))