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Most comonally known as Nitrox, Enriched Air offers the modern day scuba diver many benefits.

What is Nitrox?

As you have learnt in your Open water course, the air we breathe when we are scuba diving consists of 2 gases; oxygen and nitrogen.
Normal air would have 79% Nitrogen, abbreviated in n2. If you want to have a longer no-decompression limit by reducing the % of Nitrogen you are breathing, that’s when Nitrox comes in handy.
90% of scuba divers are going for the Nitrox speciality after their Advanced course as you need to be Nitrox certified to be able to dive with Nitrox. During the course you will learn the benefits and also risks of EAN to make you a safer diver. One common misconecption of Nitrox, obviously before doing your course, is that it allows you to dive deeper. Nitrox actually decreases your depth in relation to the increase of oxygen, O2 %! to avoid oxygen toxicity. Learn also how to choose your ideal mix, find the Maximum Operating Depth of your mix, how to analyse it and more!!!

When does it come in useful during your dives in Malta?

One of the best recreational wreck dives in the Meditteranean is the Um el Faroud, in the south of Malta. We highly recommend this dive to all Advanced certified with our more than 15 logged dives.

The Um el Faroud measures 115m from bow to stern and one dive is not enough to explore this wreck properly. With a lot of interesting parts of the wreck lieing at 25-30m, the best and safest way to have 2 great dives is to dive on Nitrox. You will most probably avoid any decompression stops and get to enjoy the wreck even more. Since you will be breathing a lower % of Nitrogen, you will also feel less tired after the dives.
The list of benefits is long and will be explained properly during the Speciality course.

Nitrox Malta

Come and do your Nitrox speciality course with us at Bezz Diving, get certified and be a healthier diver:-)

We are offering this course in English, Italian and Spanish. There are special prices for divers doing their Advanced course with us and wanting to get Nitrox certified as well:-)

Contact us for more info and hope to see you soon….1 day is all you need to become a Nitrox diver!!