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[:en]Around this time 4 years ago, I was getting ready to open Bezz Diving. I remember clearly that one of the very first online bookings to come diving in Malta with us was from Oriol Domingo. After some correspondence, in the beginning of August, Oriol finally arrived in Malta with his friend Poldo and his niece. All excited to give them a great service, I remember that I had put Cristian in charge to guide them throughout that week. Little did I know back then that it was the beginning of an amazing friendship with Oriol for me. They left Malta happy and during the following winter, I received another email from Oriol telling me that he had done his DiveMaster course and wanted to help out at BezzDiving during the coming season. I didn’t think twice about it and Oriol was then guiding most of our fun diving in Malta and Gozo throughout August. Oriol not only showed how professional he is but also how passionate he is for diving. Some days 4 dives wouldn’t be enough, he would also do a night dive. In Oriol I also found a friend who would give me lots of advice, all the Bezz diving family loved him. The same story repeated itself the following year: Oriol was now joined by his lovely partner Sara to be part of our family and they would guide as many dives as they could throughout August. Their month of holidays from work they chose to spend it with us: diving in Malta! 3 years in a row weren’t enough and during 2015 we had them back with us. Every year our friendship is getting stronger and together we also get to do some of our best dives when we are not working. 2 days ago I received a message from Ori that has made me extremely happy and proud. Ori is now a PADI Instructor, CONGRATULATIONS buddy!! You know we all and always believed in you, together we are growing in our diving careers and you and Sara are the stamina of the bezz family:)

Malta diving instructors Malta scuba diving instructor
And talking about recently qualified instructors, I cannot forget to mention what Tess, Dani and Diego achieved last October. After a very season dedicated, lots of studying, assistance and overtime work by Cristian, they all became SSI Instructors. It was the first SSI ITC organized in Malta and it was held at Bezz diving. We started off great and we now hold a 100% pass rate, it wasn’t an easy job but it was well deserved by the 3 of them. Tess and Dani also had arrived at Bezz diving as clients, they both did their dive master course with us, they both showed how passionate they are for diving and professional so during the 2016 season they will now be Bezz instructors. They followed in Dieguito’s footsteps as he had done the same a few years ago. This family is growing together, I am very happy and proud of this and to each one of you I would like to say THANK YOU! We share a common passion and one BIG love. And to all of you choosing to come diving in Malta with Bezz Diving this year….get ready for a great time:))[:es]About four years ago Bezz Diving was about to open its doors. I remember perfectly that the first online reservation we had was from a client from Barcelona, ​​Oriol Domingo. After exchanging some emails, at the beginning of August Oriol arrived in Malta with his friend Poldo and his niece. We were very excited to give them good service. I remember that I put Cristian in charge to guide them all week. I immediately realized that this was the beginning of a very good friendship between Oriol and I, we connected immediately. They finished their vacation and left Malta happy.

During the following winter I received an email from Oriol. He had become certified as a Dive Master and told me that he would like to help at Bezz Diving next season. I didn’t think twice and finally Oriol was guiding most of the dives in Malta and Gozo throughout August. Not only was he very professional but he was truly passionate about diving. Some days after 4 dives he didn’t have enough and was able to go for a night dive. 🙂

In Oriol I have also found a true friend, from whom I have been able to take a lot of advice. The entire Bezz Diving family loves you very much.

The same story would repeat itself the following year: Oriol would come again to help Bezz Diving, this time with the company of his girl… super Sara! and together they were again guiding groups day after day throughout the month of August. Their month of vacation was dedicated to diving in Malta and working with Bezz Diving!

As if that were not enough, three consecutive years, also in 2015, we had them with us again. Every year our friendship is stronger and stronger. We also allow ourselves the luxury of doing special dives when we have days off. Every time Oriol comes it is an adventure!

A couple of days ago I received an email from Ori that made me very happy! Ori has just passed the PADI Instructor course, congratulations buddy!!! You know we always believed in you, we are all very proud. Together we are growing in our career as divers and you and Sara are pure adrenaline for Bezz Diving!!!

Malta diving instructors Malta scuba diving instructor

And speaking of newly certified, we cannot forget that the three Dive Masters from last year, Tess, Dani and Diego, achieved it last October! Cristian prepared them for the SSI instructor exam in November, a time of dedication and intense study at the end of last season, almost working day and night. Bezz Diving thus became the first diving center to offer the SSI ITC in Malta. To be the first we did not do badly, 100% approved, all three deserved to pass, both Cristian and they gave everything. 🙂

Tess and Dani also came to Bezz Diving as clients and both also did the Dive Master here. They both showed themselves to be diving fans as well as being very professional, so during the 2016 season they will be part of the team of instructors at Bezz. They have followed in the footsteps of Dieguito who a few years ago also went from Dive Master to Instructor with us.

The family grows!

I am very happy to be able to tell all this and very proud of all of you. I would like to say THANK YOU. We share a great passion and a GREAT LOVE.

And for all of you who are thinking about diving in Malta this summer, get ready to have a good time with Bezz Diving.

Congratulations Oriiiiiiiiii