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Meet Mark Bezzina, better known as Bezz!

After many years of diving in Malta, Mark Bezzina decided to open Bezz Malta Diving Centre in 2012. Having travelled around the world for the previous 20 years, he gathered a lot of knowledge which he wants to pass on to his clients. Bezzina is a common surname in Malta and Marko is known as Bezz by most of his friends. This made the choice of the name of the dive centre pretty easy, chosen more by the friends rather by the owner! You will definitely meet Bezz during your visit to the dive centre, he follows every course and client to make sure things are running smoothly for you.

A Maltese Diving Experience

Born and brought up in Malta, BEZZ knows the island very well and he is always happy to share his knowledge. He can recommend the best beaches to visit, restaurants to eat, places to dance, cities and authentic Maltese villages to visit. So be ready, Bezz Diving is a Maltese experience!

Meet The Team

Most of our staff started as customers and just kept coming back because they love Bezz so much. Some of them changed their lives completely to come and live in Malta to work with Bezz. For us, it is proof that we are doing things quite well. They are strong proof that we make diving your passion!

Instructor & Founder


Mark Bezzina is a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. As you read earlier, he is Maltese but he has traveled, dived and worked in several countries. Scuba diving is his passion as well as sports! He spends his winters training: trail running, cycling, swimming and ultramarathons. He has completed 3 x 70.3 Ironman races in the last year and also 2x 100k trail races. Talk to him about sports and you see his face shining. He loves diving on all wrecks around Malta and Gozo and spending a day out diving with him is a proper Maltese experience! He can speak Maltese, English, Italian and Spanish fluently.


Master Clyde is our Maltese Instructor and he changed his life 8 years ago to start working in the scuba diving industry in Malta with us at Bezz Diving. He is a very entertaining person and also very professional at work, careful and meticulous. He spends his winter diving in the Maldives nowadays, and he will always make sure that every diver diving with him reaches the surface with the biggest possible smile. When you are with Clyde, you know everything is going to be alright.



Siggi comes from Denmark but he also calls Malta his second home now. He joined us in 2021 for a 2-month Divemaster internship but he fit in so well with the team that he worked with us for the whole season then. At the end of 2021 he became a PADI Instructor and after gaining lots of experience in the 2022 season, he is back to share his newly found passion with you.



Barela is the latest addition to the Bezz team. He visited Bezz Diving as a client in 2019, then came back to do his Divemaster course in 2021 and is now a PADI Instructor. He is German, speaks fluent English and wants to learn more Spanish. He just changed his career so expect a highly motivated Instructor with you when diving with Barela. Very energetic, patient and fresh!

Sustainability and eco-activities

We aim at being an eco-friendly dive centre: we care for our seas and the earth and we are doing our best to respect this as much as possible. Please note that we will never take anyone diving in the tuna-farms as our corporate mission is strongly against this destruction of our seas. Other actions we are taking include using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones, separating our waste in a way it can be recycled, we encourage email communication and keep printing to a minimal level so less paper is used, we use energy-saver bulbs to use less energy, we strongly promote the Peak Performance Bouyancy speciality to take better care of our reefs, and finally organize regular beach clean-ups to create more awareness.

Trusted by divers worldwide!

We're proud to be rated 5 star on TripAdvisor, Google & Facebook. Check out reviews from over a thousand divers around the world who have chosen to scuba dive in Malta with us and loved it!

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We make diving your passion