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Malta's Dive Sites Vol II: P29 Wreck

After the first successful article about the Rozi wreck, we are now going to introduce you to another wreck dive in Malta that is only 10 minutes away from Bezz Diving. The P-29 is in Cirkewwa and same as the Rozi, we recommend it to all Advanced + certified divers that want to join us for some diving in Malta at Bezz Diving.


The P-29, a former East German minesweeper, was brought to Malta in 1997. She was used for immigration and anti-smuggling patrols until in 2007 she was scuttled in Cirkewwa to become an artificial reef for us scuba divers. She is now sitting up-right at a depth of 34m.

p29-wreck-malta-divingWe usually start the dive at Susie’s Pool and after descending to 5m we follow out to the ledge and head towards the wreck at around 14m depth. After more or less 3 minutes of kicking and an occasional visit by sting rays, we arrive at the stern of the wreck . The P-29 has various penetration points but these are only recommended for more experienced divers.

On the bow, a deck gun has been made: a very popular spot for photos. As we leave the deck gun, heading up to the bridge, we can enter with care as it’s a bit tight. We can then move a bit shallower to the crow’s nest as it is normally full of squid/calamari eggs hanging in pearl white strings like pearl necklaces. Other marine life visible on the P-29 are moray eels, many nudibranches, bream and sometimes also barracudas!

Bottom time on the wreck itself is usually around 20 minutes for Nitrox certified divers and then we head back to the reef to do our safety stop at 5 meters. Total bottom time would be around 45 minutes with a maximum depth of 33m for Deep certified divers and 30m for Advanced certified divers.

Recommended for:

Advanced course: Wreck or Deep Adventure dive

Speciality courses: Nitrox or Deep or Wreck– mapping project

Certified divers: Advanced or more wanting to do just 2 guided dives or any other package we offer.

Check out this video we made for our Beautie P29 :-))