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At Bezz Diving we are a team of young instructors passionate about scuba diving but recently another member joined our family. We call our ourselves a family because we treat each other so:-) Our latest family member is Jesper Stechmann, freediving champion and a great character. Together we decided to do something different in high season as sometimes we get tired of looking at diving just as a job. We organised a dive on the submarine, HMS Stubborn, and Jesper decided to join us. For us it was a technical dive, we prepared a high Nitrox % for our deco and a dive profile to follow. Jesper, assisted by his beautiful girlfriend Ania and Henrik as his safety diver, just needed to prepare his mind as he is physically prepared for this. This month he is going to the Freediving World Championships and the Bezz Diving family wishes him the best of luck, we believe in you Jesper and you will make us proud:-)))
Sunday 3rd August, in the afternoon the scuba divers prepared all our equipment, tanks, stages, spare equipment, 100% O2 for emergency and the dive profile.
Monday 4th August at 6:15am we met at Bezz Diving to head together to get on the boat. By 6:45 we were out at sea and at 7:15 the captain told us that we were on the subamrine. Excitement built up by now and Jesper was the first one in the water to prepare himself with some inwater meditation. 30 minutes later the scuba divers were in the water as well ready for their descent. Oriol set all his camera settings at 56m, Bezz made sure Jesper’s shot line was in place, Diego and Simon were at 30m waiting for Jesper to descend and to film it. 3 minutes later Jesper arrives on the submarine. It was something completely new for us to see a freediver with us on the HMS Stubborn and the Bezz Diving family ,except Franca:-) was all united at depth!!!! A dive that we will never forget, it is the first of a series we are preparing for you!!!!
So an early start for us on a Monday morning in summer, completely worth it and a great positive sign for this week.
The video says it all, hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends!