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John Dory is being spotted in Malta near the Um El Faroud lately…

This fish is amazing! The yellow-ringed dark spot is John Dory’s hallmark, who grows to a maximum size of 65 cm (2 ft) and its long spines are also known as his morphological distinctive. It has a particular shape consisting in a laterally compressed olive-yellow body, you can spot them so easy!

It is very rare to spot them in the Mediterranean Sea, and when it happens, we can see them always alone with no partner, they are especially solitaire. He is not an avid swimmer though, so most of the times you will find him stand still, 🙂

Diego was diving near the Um El Faroud, one of the best dive sites in Malta. Some of the divers were carrying a camera, and we guess that they were able to capture this amazing criature… José Manuel and Imanol, we are looking forward to seeing your pictures!!  Was really nice to dive with such an expert divers.

José Manuel and his family came from Spain and Diego can tell how easy is to take them diving… They make things very easy always with a smile! Thank you for coming!!!!  Here there is a picture from our friend Oriol,