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Malta is a top destination for scuba diving holidays as it offers a lot what to do in your free time after diving. This page will help you answer all your questions about Malta and fill up your holidays according to your tastes.

How to get here

International airlines that fly to Malta include: Air Malta flies from most airport’s in Europe (inc. Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Amsterdam, Belfast, Berlin, Geneva, Hamburg, Hanover, Milan, Munich, Palermo, Rome Stuttgart) and has some good offers worth checking out on their website. They also offer you the possibility to get your diving equipment with you for reduced rates if you include it with your booking. Ryanair is a low-cost airline but we recommend you to book weeks in advance to get the best deals with them. They fly from Bristol, Birmingham, Dublin, Edinburgh, Leeds, Luton. Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Valencia, Seville,Bari, Bologna, Pisa, Trapani, Venice ,Billund, Krakow, Marseille, Stockholm amongst other airports. Check out their website for a full list.

Easyjet is another low-cost airline that flies to Malta from Belfast, Gatwick,Liverpool,Manchester, Newcastle,Milan, Rome.

Vueling flies to Malta from Spain and we recommend it more to our Spanish clients as they work together with Iberia.
We can also help you out by finding the best offers for you at NO EXTRA COST if you just tell us which airport you want to fly from and your preferred dates.

Once you reach the Malta International Airport, there are several ways how to reach your hotel or apartment.

A taxi can cost you €35 max to reach Mellieha and a bit less to get to St.Julians, Qawra or St.Pauls’ Bay. offers a shared bus service to all hotels on the island. They charge €10 per person for a one-way or €16 for a return trip to the airport and tickets can be purchased when you reclaim your luggage at the airport in Malta. However keep in mind that this is not a direct service and the bus might stop at other hotels to drop off people before it reaches your hotel.
If you book you apartment with us, the airport transfers are included in the price and we’ll organize everything for you to be picked up at the airport.

Where to stay

Malta offers a full range of hotels and self catering apartments, depending on your budget. As part of our special offers we can give you very good rates in self-catering apartments in Mellieha. If you prefer to stay in a hotel we recommend you to look at as they offer better rates if you book through them rather than booking directly with the hotel ironically. As a base in Malta we recommend you to stay in Mellieha, Xemxija or St.Pauls Bay as they are less touristic areas and closer to the sandy beaches.

How to get around the island

The besway to see the Maltese islands properly and at yor own pace is by renting out a car. You will be free to move around at night as the bus service doesn’t operate to all areas at night and you will never waste time waiting for buses in the sun. Just bring your driving license with you and we’ll help you out with directions and maps. We can help you rent a car for as little as €20 daily, so feel free to check out what’s available.

Beaches to visit:

If you are dreaming of a holiday where you will dive in the morning and chill out on a beach in the afternoon and soak up some sun, we recommend you the following beaches. These are our favourites, maybe not the most touristic but the quieter ones where you can relax and swim in clear waters: Riviera beach (Ghajn Tuffieha). Sunsets don’t get any better than here, less-crowded due to the stairs reaching the beach but there’s a bar down there where to have a beer and a snack. Paradise Bay. The name says it all. Clear waters, bar service and a perfect afternoon St.Peters Pools. A unique beach in the south of Malta, we’ll give you directions of how to get there Armier Bay. Not many tourists visit this beach but we know you’ll love it here.

What to Eat in Malta

The traditional dishes in Malta are fish and rabbit. Our cusine is very similar to the Italian one and a good plate of pasta or a pizza are also very easy to find anywhere around the island. Let us know what you want to eat and we’ll recommend you good places where the Maltese love to eat. Marsaxlokk is a village that specialises in fresh seafood as it’s a fisherman’s village whilst Mgarr is the place to go to for the best rabbit dish on the island.

Others Interesting Things

While you’re in Malta, you should also find some time to visit the following places: Valletta. Our city, full of buildings, auberges, churches and museums dating back to the 1500s. The Grand Harbour is a unique sight from the Upper Barraka Mdina. An old ‘city’ full of history and winding alleys. Definetely worth spending a couple of hours here. The Malta Tourism Authority’s website: is also very helpful with lots of information and worth checking out