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Malta is rated as one of the top 3 diving destinations in the world. We can’t say that our waters are rich with marine life but to make up for this, we do have many spectacular wrecks with incredible visibility. In this blog, I’m going to be telling you more about them and will be starting off with our ‘home-wreck’ and one of my favorites : the Rozi:) so if you want some guided fun dives with us, most probably this is how your experience will start off…

Watch on Youtube: Rozi wreck dive with Bezz Diving

The Rozi is in Cirkewwa, a 5 minute drive from Bezz Diving. A tug boat in its working days, it was scuttled in 1992 to create an artificial reef and eventually become a divers’ paradise in Malta. It lies at a maximum depth of 36m with its most interesting parts between 25-30m. All Advanced certified divers are recommended to dive it but we also include it as one of the adventure dives in the Advanced course at Bezz Diving.

The dive starts off with a giant stride entry under the lighthouse and we slowly descend on the reef. Keeping the reef on the right hand at around 16m, after about 4 mins you can head out in the open blue and choose your route. One option is to head to the anchor first and then hit the bow of the wreck or else you can proceed a bit longer and start off from the stern. Whichever way you choose, due to the amazing visibility, the wreck will be seen around 30m before hitting it. The Rozi is home to lots of sea bream and a big variety of marine life. Whenever there is a slight current, barracudas can be seen. Moray eels like to shelter in many of its holes, an eagle ray was regularly spotted close by last summer, rockfish are abundant and if you like macro life, nudibranches will keep you happy. Since it measures around 40m, it can easily be explored without  getting into decompression but if you like photography and want a longer bottom time, just ask us for a Nitrox fill. Heading back to the reef, this time on your left hand side, we continue for another 15 minutes of exploration and we finish off with our safety stop at Susie’s pool. With all fairness, I consider it an easy dive but a very entertaining one. That’s why we usually recommend it as one of the first wreck dives of your week with us at Bezz Diving because the wrecks will just get bigger. See you soon dear Rozi, you are truly amazing!!

Recommended for:
Advanced course: Wreck or Deep Adventure dive
Speciality courses: Nitrox or Deep or Wreck– mapping project
Certified divers: Advanced or more wanting to do just 2 guided dives or any other package we offer.

Rozi wreck Rozi wreck dive map