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Happy staff will bring happy clients diving in Malta with us at Bezz Diving.

We know that.. but since Bezz Diving is improving in many ways this season, and our top priorities are: you (our clients) and equally our staff.

We open our season of diving in Malta quite early; April and May are warm but the sea temperature to go diving in Malta is still a bit cold, around 19oC. Solution to keep us warm: order some jumpers with hoodies and … BezzDiving’s sweatshirts are here!!! The idea of making them dates back to January 2015. And it was as it follows:

Four months ago, part of the Bezz Diving team were travelling around Asia for a while. It was January and very cold in Europe, so we decided to take  a plane straight away to the land of smiles: Thailand. After a few days in Koh Tao, we met “El Brujo” in Ihasia Diving… He gave us some tips about travelling around those islands but he suggested us to go to the other side of Gulf of Thailand: Andaman Sea. And the idea of doing a Live Aboard came up to our minds quickly. We had heard about Andaman Sea as one top ten places in the world to do a Live Aboard. So we went for it. Six friends, 4 days, one boat, 11 dives and loads of positivity… sounds really good. And so it goes! In Koh Phayam, the island where the liveaboard departed, we meet the Phayam Divers team. Luckily soon after our arrival we met a Spanish DiveMaster, Jorge, who literally made us jump into the boat without thinking too much. 🙂 And he became one of us immediately.

So the idea of the sweatshirts came in that point. We saw Daria and Jorge wearing these warm sweatshirts with Phayam Divers’ logo and we said… Why not? 🙂 So now we aim to make our dreams, thoughts and ideas become reality, we prepared the artwork and ordered some hoodies with the Bezz Diving logo on the back and some details on the front side. All of our staff will be warm and happy diving in Malta on windy days now 😀

And they will be also for sale from the dive centre in Mellieha if you want to get one:-)
Let the good times roll!

Hope to have you diving in Malta with us this summer! 🙂

To watch the video of our Live Aboard, click here! Thank you Javato for the perfect editing, the video brings up many positive memories. 🙂

BezzDiving Team