Nitrox Speciality PADI


Duration of course: 2 days
Requirements: Open Water Certification or above
Minimum age: 12+
Price includes: Certification learning materials.


Extend your bottom times with our Nitrox Course

Dive for longer using Enriched Air Nitrox up to 40% with our specialized course, designed for divers looking to extend their underwater adventures in Malta’s pristine waters. This course offers a comprehensive introduction to the advantages of enriched air diving, allowing for significantly longer bottom times without the need for decompression stops. Perfect for those eager to explore more of Malta’s underwater beauty, the course is structured as a dry, theory-based session, providing a solid foundation in enriched air diving principles, equipment considerations, and safety protocols.

For divers who wish to put their newfound knowledge into practice, we highly recommend complementing the course with optional dives. These dives offer a hands-on experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the benefits of enriched air diving.