SSI 4 Specialities Bundle


Duration of course: 3-5 days
Requirements: Open Water Certification
Specialities: Perfect Bouyancy, Deep, Wreck & Enriched Air Nitrox.
Price includes: All diving equipment required, land transport to dive sites in Malta, certification and learning materials and log book.


Master Your Scuba Diving Skills

Get your SSI Advanced Open Water certification after completing these 4 specialties bundle. This course consists of 5 dives combining training of the Perfect Buoyancy, Deep, Wreck and Enriched Air Nitrox Specialties. After completion you will earn all these 4 certifications which will entitle you to dive up to 40m, with a maximum mix of 40% Enriched Air and the knowledge of how to dive safely a wreck with a proper buoyancy!

Please ask us for a more detailed explanation of this training or should you like to get a different specialty from the ones we offer in this bundle. With 24 logged dives plus these specialities, SSI will recognize you with the Advanced Open Water Diver certification card.