Wreck Speciality SSI


Duration of course: 1 day
Requirements: PADI or SSI Open Water Certification or above & minimum of 24 logged dives.
Minimum age: 15+


Discover Malta's Underwater Mysteries: Wreck Diving Course

Malta is home to some of the most spectacular shipwrecks, making it a unique destination for diving enthusiasts. In the wreck diving course we will explore the diverse shipwrecks of Malta, offering divers a glimpse into the island’s rich maritime history submerged beneath its crystal-clear waters. Opting for a wreck diving course is not just a diving experience; it’s an opportunity to delve into Malta’s underwater heritage.

This course is designed for those who are keen to explore the mysteries that lie beneath the waves, providing an exceptional chance to witness firsthand the remnants of historical vessels that have become part of the marine ecosystem. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or just got your diving certification, our wreck diving course in Malta is an essential adventure that promises to enrich your diving journey with unforgettable memories.

SSI Wreck Diving Speciality Course

Course Price includes:

  • 2 wreck dives (minimum) in some of the best wrecks of Malta.
  • SSI certification.
  • SSI e-learning.
  • 15l tanks, weights, transport to dive sites in Malta, instructor services.
  • Full rental equipment: Aqualung BCD & reg, wetsuit, fins and mask.