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What else can I say? The return of Cristian at Bezz Diving has brought more positively at the dive centre. Cristian was one of the first instructors when Bezz Diving opened in 2012, the roots of our friendship go back then and our mutual respect is massive. We have already worked 2 full seasons together, I owe Cristian a massive THANK YOU for all the efforts he has put in to help me get Bezz Diving where it is today. We share a very similar philosophy towards life, diving and health in general….the law of attraction brings good things to you if you project them in your life. Maybe that’s why we will be working together again! Cristian has just returned from a great experience in the Maldives, he has matured as an instructor and is now an SSI Instructor Trainer. Shortly we will be launching a new project at Bezz Diving. Cristian is the ideal person to lead you into a new diving career where you can travel and work all over the world. Watch out for more news here!

So, the Bezz family is growing, or maybe our roots are growing:-) We look forward to dive with you again this summer!

Our first day back at work together has been amazing. Cristian was back on the Rozi and Bezz was introducing beginners to the underwater world in Cirkewwa!!!